17 june 2024 year
Series of seminars «Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods»

On April 24 and May 29, 2024, at the Department of Automatic and Information Systems, within the framework of the cycle «Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods», seminars were held at which topics were discussed on the development and defense of final qualifying papers.

Senior students majoring in Informatics and Computer Engineering became active and regular participants in the seminars.

At the April seminar, a report was heard from Pavel Lyashko , who, at the request of the staff of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports, is developing a package of functional units using the KNIME analytical platform for the formation of a «Health Passport» of students to maintain statistics on the health of cadets and students, recommendations for further actions regarding each student..

Two game developers using the Ren`py engine, Arseniy Golenko and Dmitry Nesterenko, spoke at the May seminar. They shared their plans to use the acquired knowledge, skills and competencies after graduation. The computer games presented to the audience - visual novels - aroused genuine interest among the audience.

The next seminar in the series «Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Big Data Analysis Methods» is planned to be held in the new academic year at the end of September 2024.

V.A. Sedov

17 june 2024 year