18 june 2024 year
The Code of Merchant Shipping of the Russian Federation is 25 years old

June 14, 2024 scientific and practical conference: «The Code of Merchant Shipping of the Russian Federation is 25 years old. The practice of application, ways of developing legislation in the near future» was held at the Far Eastern Maritime Training Center (FEMTC) with ANMSU.

The Conference was attended by heads of shipping and fishing companies, marine transport infrastructure facilities (ports, terminals), heads of legal services, lawyers of shipping and fishing, crewing, and agents companies.

 The conference participants discussed the place of the CMS of the Russian Federation in the system of Russian legislation, the implementation of international legal norms into it, problems related to the vastness of the concept of "merchant shipping", the legal status of the Northern Sea Route, compliance of international legal norms with Russian legislation regulating the work of seafarers and fishermen, as well as the mechanism for protecting the rights of participants in maritime activities in International commercial arbitration the court and many other issues.

The participants of the Conference came to the unanimous conclusion that there is an urgent need for scientists, teachers, and practitioners to meet more often in such a format and discuss problems of the law of the sea.

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18 june 2024 year