Invitation to cooperation

Dear friends,

Welcome to the web page dedicated to the University science. The oldest establishment in maritime education in the Russian Far East, Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University, has deep scientific traditions and focuses on an innovative approach in its development.

Our teachers and researchers are our main capital. Through their work scientific schools are created and developed at the university. We are proud of the results of the research work of our team.

To date, studies are pursued in 41 directions at our University.

The Institute of postgraduate professional education provides continuity of scholarly traditions and training of highly qualified personnel at the University. Candidate and doctoral dissertations are defended in our dissertation councils.

An important role in the commercialization of new developments is given to the Centre of Protection of Intellectual Property Rights whose staff provides legal protection and use of the University intellectual activity results, enforces the rights of authors of intellectual property, informs the University staff on research activities and presents the University developments at Russian and international exhibitions, shows and auctions.

The economy based on knowledge, involves the integration of education, research, production and investment. On behalf of the Maritime State University we invite scientists and research teams, inventors and innovators, managers of production enterprises and logistics centers, department heads of fleet operations and decision makers of shipping and fishing companies, future entrepreneurs, private and corporate investors.

We invite all who are interested in personal growth and academic career, in presenting results of their research, generating new knowledge, developing new technologies, making high technology products and profit from the results of reliable partnership:

  • participate in the scientific activities of the University;

  • organize a joint research project;

  • develop high-tech products and technologies or implement their modernization on the basis of applied R & D;

  • have scientific probation;

  • publish research results in scientific publications of the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University;

  • continue post-graduate education and / or defend candidate and doctoral dissertations at our university;

  • get marketing and information services, financial consulting on the implementation of research results;

  • receive the right to use the results of the University intellectual activities in the form of license agreement, patent assignment, patent sharing, buying know-how, etc.;

  • obtain consulting in the area of intellectual activities.

We look forward to working with you!

Prof. Oleg A. Bukin,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences