5 ноября 2020 года
Finalists of the UMNIK-2020 Competition

According to the results of an independent impersonal examination, the participants of the G.I. Nevelskoy MSU whose scientific papers reached the final of the competition of innovative projects UMNIK-2020.
Research projects of six contestants, of which four projects of graduate students and two student projects will be presented In the final of the competition, which will be held on November 20, 2020 on the basis of the My Business Center,.
Direction Н1. Digital technologies
- Matvey Petukhov, 3rd year student of the Faculty of Maritime Transport Management and Economics, topic «Development and creation of a business game, a simulator of management of a transport and logistics company. World Logistic Simulator».
Direction H4. New devices and intelligent manufacturing technologies
Ivan Perehoda, 4th-year graduate student, topic «Development of a hydraulic drive system for a sucker rod pump with energy recovery»;
Ksenia Chumakova, postgraduate student, topic «Development and implementation of energy-efficient trajectory control systems of a ship»;
Ekaterina Kopaeva, postgraduate student, topic «Development of a device for information exchange with a guarded object in a protected mode»;
Anastasia Gams, postgraduate student, topic «Development of an unmanned sea vessel»;
Egor Melev, 3rd year electric engineering cadet, topic «Short range communication device between people (in the range of acoustic waves above 20 KHz)».
In the final of the Competition, the projects will be evaluated according to two criteria: the prospects for the commercialization and the qualifications of the applicant.

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5 ноября 2020 года